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Business Ethics

At Vibrant GBS we always strive for :

• To comply with all loss and regulations applicable to our business and to maintain high standard of ethical conduct in the operation of that business and in there dealing with employees ,clients and competitors.

• To treat all applicant and employees with dignity and respect.

• To provide equal employment opportunities, based on bonafied job qualification, without regard to race, color, religion, nation origin, disability, or any based prohibited by applicable law.

• To explain the employees prior to assignment there wage rate, applicable benefits, hours of work, and other assignment condition and to promptly pay any wages and benefits due in accordance with the teams of there employments and applicable legal requirements.

• To encourage employee efforts to upgrade there skills.

• To satisfy all applicable employer obligations, including payments of employers share of social security, state and federal unemployment insurance taxes, and workers, compensation and to explain to employees that the staffing firm is responsible for such obligations.

• To ascertain that employees are assigned to work sides that are safe, that they understand the nature of work the client has called for and can perform such work without injury to themselves or others, that they receive any personal safety training and equipments that’s may be required.

• To take prompt action to address employee questions, concerns, complaints regarding in safe work conditions, discrimination, or any other matter involving the teams and condition of there employments.

GIS Application Development

We undertakes simple customization in leading GIS platforms for various purposes to development of large Enterprise-Level applications featuring design of High-Availability GIS Servers including design of large databases in leading platforms.

• Design and Development of Enterprise-Level, High-Availability GIS Applications

• Design and Development of Large Scale Web-GIS and Desktop Applications

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