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Vibrant Global Business Solutions is a firm of Planners, Environmentalists and Information Solutions Specialists providing consulting services to public, private, and international clients. Founded in 2011 in Pune, India, as a result of international experience and diversification in domain of expertise of Srinivas Dandi . Over the years we have increased and diversified our expertise in design, planning and information solutions, closely integrating these technology areas into our vocabulary of project delivery.
As a multi-faceted team, we work on planning projects, address and integrate environmental considerations, and apply information technologies like Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to address multi-sectoral projects. Our consulting capabilities are further strengthened by our continued commitment to research and through partnerships with academic institutions and civil society organizations. Led by experienced professionals with a thorough understanding of the international and domestic work environment,
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Our values determine how we treat our people , Clientsand Partners they define who we are and how we aredo our jobs. It also helps us to use together in the mosteffective way.are package.
Every business entity understands the advantages of outsourcing. With ever increasing business demands companies want to stay focused on their core business activity and outsource support services to save time.
Person Experience Deputed morethan 50 personal in house team of15 personal and 35 field surveyorsPerson Experience Deputed more than 50 personal in house team of15 personal and 35 field surveyors
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